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When I explain what I write about on my website and the service I offer, to someone that I’ve just met I often get a blank look.  That look is then followed up with, “who even bothers with that?”

This is perfectly sound reasoning in that, most people don’t find slots that don’t pay out real money as an empty entertainment.  So why then are there so many people daily that spin the reels of demo slots and free to play slots?

From my experience there are four types of players that play free slots.

Playing Online SlotsThe first is the occasional player of slots that has come to the website to find out what’s new. They like to hit the bonus rounds without it costing a thing and still get the thrill of massive jackpot wins.  So, indeed, there are people that just enjoy slots for slots sake.

The second type of player that frequents https://freeslots.guru is the player on a scouting and reconnaissance mission. This is the slots player that plays each online slot to get a feel for when the slot machine will trigger a win or go into a collection cycle.  See, there’s a few modes that most slot machines go into; there’s the collection mode where it scoops up any payouts it delivered for the hour, there’s the all-out payout where the game goes nuts and every spin is a win, there’s the up-and-down where the player will hit big lows and then large wins.

Playing Free Slots OnlineA person that plays slots for real money doesn’t necessarily want to spend a lot of cash to figure out the ‘tells’ for each of these modes for every online slot out there.  That’s why free slot demos are great tools in determining the patterns for each online slot. The free slot game gives the player an opportunity to burn through thousands of iterations of spins to actually learn when a machine is hot or not.  I will say that there are fewer of these types of free slot players than any other as most professional gamblers are not typically slots players.  I have always thought that was a bit shortsighted on their part in that slots have sustainable wins, are actually more predictable than table games and because there are so many available, can be cycled through when one is being stingy another is being generous.

Who is playing online slotsThe third type of player of free slots online at our website is on their way to a land-based casino or online casino and wants to check out which slots have the highest payout percentages.  The volatility of a slot machine paying out can be an excellent indicator for the increase or decrease of a bankroll.  Players on the way to a casino often try to maximize the amount of money they have by determining if they can play for a big jackpot and suffer hundreds of spins at max bet or if they need to play the short game and build up their bankroll with looser slots.

Gambling Online SlotsThe fourth type of player to visit our site for the free slots is very much like the first type, however, they are there to spin the reels until their next chance at a real money game.  They are not there to determine patterns or volatility, they just love to play and need a fun fix until either they have the funds or the opportunity to get to a real money casino.

The thing about online slots is that they now have as much entertainment value as arcade games use to hold.  Even the free slots are just fun to play, when they have 3D characters with entertaining cut scenes during the bonus around or even some of the more involved bonus features.  There’s a lot of choice when it comes to online slots and not everyone has the same games available to them depending on their casino of choice.  Being able to play the games for free also gives our readers an opportunity to “try before they buy” so to speak.  So if a player is use to Microgaming slots, but wants to try out a casino that has NetEnt or Betsoft slots; we give them that opportunity.

So who is to Thank for All of These Great Play Free Slots?

That’s a big list on this thank you speech.  If I am to give a shout out to each of the fantastic online slots game developers out there, the list would be immense.  Most of the bigger casino game development operations often buy up titles from smaller development companies.  With that being said, I’ll have a go at listing some of the big dogs in online casino slots development:

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation go to for allowing us to offer their games for free in demo mode:

Betsoft | Net Entertainment | Cryptologic / Amaya Gaming |Microgaming

NextGen | IGT Slots | Bally’s Slots | ThunderKick | Playtech | Merkur Slots

Hey, if I missed any companies out there that have free playable online slots, send me an email at freeslotsguru@gmail.com and I’ll look into including your games on the site.

So why operate Free Slots Guru?

As with any owner and web manager of a gambling oriented site, we run them for money.  Some of the folks out there start their site to hedge their gambling losses.  Others, like us, just enjoy the games and building a community of like-minded players interested in this means of recreation.  So how does one make money offering free slots?

Well, we make friends with online casinos, they give us exclusive offers to pass on to our readers and there you have it.  So there is a bit of networking involved to get our readers special offers they can’t find at other sites.  Of course, we only make money when someone is interested in playing for real money in the first place.  So a bit of our money (advertising) comes from our readers that are of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th types as mentioned above.  This then gives us the means to operate our servers and continue to provide our free slots service and casino reviews.

Just to let you know, we aren’t paid directly by online casinos to list their casinos.  Each listing and review is by our choice, reviewed by our writers and fairly listed.  As far as we are concerned, if an online casino goes shady or causes a problem with our readers; we de-list that casino.  We also give the casino the opportunity to defend itself.  Anywho, so this is where most of my time is spent.  I don’t have another job, just the website.

Also I’d like to put it out there that we only have affiliations with online casinos with gold reputations.  Should those reputations change or be besmirched by action or inaction by a casino; once again, that casino will be delisted.  My responsibility is to our reader and also to those readers that choose to play at online casinos that we review on this website. Ya, so if you have any issues with casinos listed on my site, please send me an email at freeslotsguru@gmail.com and please keep in mind that I am a real person, not a casino employee and I'm here to help.

So, I hope everyone enjoys the site, has fun and plays responsibly.

Don’t Take my Word for It

Also keep in mind, this isn’t meant as advice for anyone.  Online casinos, online slots, it’s all a gamble of course and any strategy for any casino game basically breaks down to a win or a loss.  In some cases, it could be a loss or a loss, you really leave it up to the fates of 50/50.

Some Straight Talk about Problem Gambling

When would someone who is a problem gambler (has a gambling addiction) know that they have a problem?  That’s always been a dilemma of conscience for myself that fairs right up there with the chicken or the egg coming first.  The straight answer is when you simply can’t stop.  It could be your first time playing at an online casino, it could be your 100th.  People change all throughout their lives and their brain chemistry can change too.  This is to say that if you didn’t have a problem gambling when you were in your twenties that does not preclude that you could have a problem in your forties, fifties and so on.  The straight talk about this is that you could be a problem gambler on your first spin of the reels or first win at the blackjack table.  I’m not going to offer too much advice on this topic as I am not a professional counsellor, but from experience I can give you a few warning signs.

If you ever feel like you are outside yourself and telling yourself to stop clicking or stop wagering but can’t seem to control your hands from listening to you, then this can be an indicator.  If you try rationalizing large losses with the possibility of winning large wins.  A very clear indicator is the inability to stick to a set gaming budget.  If you are a problem gambler or are someone seeking more information, it is important for your health and financial well-being to leave our site and seek assistance.



Guys and gals, that just enjoy playing casino games and that are not addicted, it is a very real thing so be careful and play responsibly.