Slots Bonus Bets

Slots Bonus Bets – Should You Make Them?

Online slots allow bettors to vary their wagers based on coin size, number and amount of pay lines. Gamblers that place large bets gain better payouts. These gamblers also have a higher frequency of payouts.

Players who wager more have all the advantages, but playing even the minimum amount allows bettors to access all the features that slot games have to offer. However, increasingly various slot games have come to the market that allow bettors who wager more to have access to features that are not available to lower level gamblers.

Great examples of these new games are the DC Comics brand that is produced by Cryptologic. By selecting their entire fifty pay lines, players can access an additional ten credit bet. If a player selects all fifty with a dollar coin size for a total of fifty dollars, and the Bonus Bet feature is activated, the actual bet that is placed will be sixty dollars.

The bonus game is triggered in the second screen and can only be accessed if Bonus Bet is activated. This same system goes under other brand names on different platforms; therefore, the player has to decide, even on machines with payouts of ninety-five percent, if the returns are worth the additional wager on every spin.

For example, Cryptologic’s Bonus Bet feature requires an additional bet of twenty percent. This is only to qualify, because the additional twenty percent does not automatically guarantee gamblers that the feature triggers. The required symbol arrangement on the reels is still necessary to trigger the bonus games.

This means that it is a possibility to spin continuously with the Bonus Bet feature enacted and never trigger the bonus features. However, games featured by WagerWorks offers additional ways to win, but at a one hundred percent additional wager.

The main determinant on if the Bonus Bet features are worth it is the amount the gambler is willing to place toward gambling. Players who have a particular affinity for a game may find it more exciting to have a chance to bet more and have the chance to win more.

However, lower level gamblers may decide to have a chance to trigger bonus bets by lowering their coin size or their targeted number of spins. This will be beneficial also to gamblers who simply are gambling for recreation and the added chance at accessing a feature adds to and enhances their gambling experience.