Online Slots Auto Play Feature

Online Slots Auto Play Feature Guide

Ever played slots and wondered if there was an option that would allow the slot to keep spinning repeatedly? Besides increasing a player’s chances of obtaining free money through such an amazing game, he or she will also get a chance to play and enjoy without having to put much effort into it. The option that most slot games offers players is called Auto Play.

When an online slots auto play is active, slot players get to enjoy many benefits with one being able to sit back and let the game run its course. While the game runs its course on auto, players will get to multitask including surf the web, cook or even play another casino game and still get the advantage of winning from the online slots game. Auto play also increases the speed of the game thus making winnings build faster than usual.

While auto play offers a handful benefits, there are times when it will be inappropriate to activate it. For example, if the gambler wants to modify the betting amount of the coin or increase the number of credits per payline then auto play should not be used. When the game is in auto play, the option to increase or decrease the betting parameter and so forth is disabled until deactivation occurs. However, most players use auto play after adjusting the betting parameter, coin size and others only if they are continually winning. This enables them to not only double their winnings but also doing so without putting forth effort. When the person sees the winning spree has taken its course, reversal of the settings occurs.

Since benefits can sometimes outweigh the disadvantages in any slot game, auto play can still get in the way of allowing anyone to get the full beneficial experience. Over the years, technology has advanced and became something that we depend on and find amazing. As technology continues to improve so does slot games, which means better overall gaming experience in sound and visuals along with better animations. This also means the game is more likely to be stable when it comes to avoiding technical problems. When auto play is activated, the full beneficial experience goes down the drain in that the casino slot will be faced paced.

Some slot games will give players the option of choosing how many auto plays you want to activate. The slot player’s options are likely to contain these numbers 25, 50, 100, 250. The player will need to choose any one of the numbers to activate auto play. The number the player chooses will be amount plays activated for auto play. If a player wins free spins during auto play, the free spins will be used first then the original auto play will continue to takes is course. Players should also take note that the game will stop if a bonus occurs and the game will not continue until an option is chosen.

Just like the manual spins, every auto play is debited from the player’s account. If a player’s account runs out of money, then the game stops. Player’s do not necessarily have to wait until all plays are complete, auto play can be stopped and the game can be resumed manually.

Another important factor players need to know before using auto play is earnings can be impacted negatively. If a player exceeds their winnings and the casino only pays 96% of a player’s cash out amount there is a fat chance the player may lose some of his or her winnings. Most players who feel they will be in that predicament will stop auto play and continue manually. Language stock can also affect one from using auto play.