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Free Slots by Nextgen Gaming Casino SoftwareNextGen Gaming: The key to a successful online slot

For every new game that is presented into the marketplace over one hundred fail. It is a dog eat dog world in the gaming industry and in the development of online and mobile slot games it is even more competitive. It is of paramount importance then to ensure that the time, money, and technical expertise used in developing a high end successful slot game be optimized to the greatest degree. It is NextGen that offers this edge to its partners and co developers. Play the NextGen Gaming Free Slots catalog here.

In order to be able to address a market one must be able to recognize the audience. In order to do that there are two prime factors that must be considered. First, from a longevity point of view the company must have a long history of not only developing top shelf games but it must also have the ability to recognize the player base they are trying to address. In order to do this a set of technical models are introduced with a data set gathered over many years of ‘in the field’ use. The data introduced into the models must be pertinent to the gaming venue and as such generate a finely targeted audience. Just as an actuary when measuring the likelihood of someone’s chances of living a long life are important, so to, the slots gaming model must point out a specific audience with alarming accuracy in order to ensure a successful release. The models used by NextGen in conjunction with their vast foreign and domestic data sets give their partners and excellent chance of success.

In addition to targeting a certain group of players from a specific slots game type a company must be able to take a raw and fresh idea and turn it into a profitable endeavor. As a leader in the field of gaming slots, and knowing the profitability of such a genre, NextGen has a team of programmers and engineers that offer the single most proficient assistance when bringing your idea to market. Whether it be interface design, playability, or artwork, the team at NextGen can bring your idea or rough cut game online looking and playing like a polished slot. It is this ability to enhance and build from the floor up an idea, that places NextGen and their development team heads above their competitors.

With the ability to target a specific audience with a slot offering there are many companies that have already lined up to bring their ideas and innovations to NextGen Gaming. Companies like Virgin, SkyBet, and Bet24 just to name a few have trusted their profitability to NextGen Gaming knowing of their successful track record and ability to bring a winning slot into the market with a high possibility of success.

In addition to their extensive client base NextGen Gaming has signed some very big licensing agreements with many name companies. In order to not only use the game itself as a draw but a recognized entity that will bring new players to the slot and thus broaden an already lucrative player base. Such a name is Judge Dredd; a slot which debuts in the summer of 2014 via NYX OGS. An American icon for over 37 years, through books, comics, games, and movies Judge Dredd will now place its hat in the arena of online slot gaming. An exclusive licensing agreement and an in house development project brings NextGen and its players an explosive combination for game enjoyment and company profitability. It is this type of market ingenuity as well as the ability to bring in the tools and players that will assure that this endeavor will be successful.

In the final analysis, it is the years of market research coupled with a highly technical staff; in union with a marketing team that is second to none that has kept NextGen at the forefront of this industry. All of the partnerships melded by trust and innovation have built a solid foundation for not only NextGen but all of their relationships as well.

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