Games of Chance

Games of Chance Guide

Gamers love their games of chance, especially when they think that they are not. Game companies are simultaneously amused and annoyed that gamers think that they can figure out the pattern behind the numbers, and thus keep betting on them. The companies are amused because that the belief is unfounded and yet the gamers keep betting on it, but they are annoyed because of the extant that they have gone to ensure that the random number generators are as random as possible. It is one of the more interesting competitions in the gaming world, and one that the gamers tend to lose; of course, when they win they do win big, making it worth the struggle.

The reality is that the producers of slot games put a lot of work into their random number generators. They have to overcome one major issue: Strictly speaking,when it comes to generating random numbers a computer can not do it. As most programmers know, a computer's list of random numbers will eventually start repeating, and because of that people can predict them. However, it is possible to apply a formula to the number derived from the computer to make them seem extremely random, and the sequence is actually unlike to repeat unless kept track of for a very long time.

In fact, the gaming computers must be re-certified every so often, the exact regularity as determined by the local jurisdiction, by the local gaming bard to ensure that the numbers are essentially random. The test involves going straight to the core of the machine and grabbing a long list of numbers and then verifying that numbers do not repeat in any discernible pattern. Only once that has been verified is the machine allowed to be used by any gambling establishments, and use of any disallowed machine can result in a fine for the establishment as well as the machine's creator in some jurisdictions.

However, this does not stop anyone from trying to find or beat the pattern. Spurred on by the knowledge that random number from a computer will repeat, some people keep meticulous notes on the results, looking for a pattern that will never come. Others will not use a machine that has recently paid our, while others prefer a machine that has been “warmed up”, or played a number of times without a payout; this shows a lack of knowledge in how random numbers work. None of these attempts really work.

Others use more superstitious means in order to get the numbers to work the way they want them to, and the many ways they have found would shock even the most jaded anthropologist. Some gamblers carry their personal totem at all times, be it the expected, such as a rabbit's foot, a lucky die, or a beloved keychain, or something a little more interesting, like a wallet of a lucky friend, a rosary, or even a picture of the Virgin Mary. Some gamblers bring religion to the casino and put something in the poorbox at church, pray before each pull, or even perform a sacrifice before heading out to the casino. By performing the right supplications anything is apparently possible.

It could be argued that those superstitions have their own power, but studies suggest that there is little actual power involved. Nonetheless, you will always have gamblers attempting to beat the odds, and some do. It is probably a matter of skill rather than luck, but anything that works is worth it in the end; if the gambler wins with the method then he will use it, and that just makes it all the more interesting.