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Betway Casino

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Betway Casino Review by FreeSlots.GuruSince it began to offer international rules online gaming in 2006, Betway has been an incredibly attractive and sophisticated casino to use. There is no shortage of marginal and down-right “hoaky” casino portals out there, but Betway has always been consistently fun and rewarding.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of Betway is its attention paid to providing a near-real atmosphere for online players. When a favorite game is selected and the bets are placed, there is an interesting way Betway Casino games become very personal. Some say it's due to the expert graphic lighting. Others think it's the detail provided into every facet of each game. Whatever it is, the hours spent with these games have the presence and feel of being at a real table. It's the reality and inviting settings of each game that keeps this gaming enthusiast coming back to Betway almost every day. Of course, the winnings help as well!

Another attractive feature of this casino are the gaming prompts, instructions and universal rules that appeal to people who don't use English as a first language. The majority of online gaming is centered on Vegas and Atlantic City-style play. Betway is always consistent in providing instructions, legal commentary and troubleshooting correspondence in a world of languages and sensibilities. Just like a good personal table attendant or dealer, Betway is accommodating to a wide variety of cultures and people.

Though this year's World Cup matches turned-out a bit unexpectedly, Betway made it possible to fully enjoy a freely-administered and immediate betting spree on Fütball. Throughout the year, standard card and video slot games are the normal fare, but with World Cup, the gaming interests switched a bit. From the same console that poker, roulette and blackjack bets are placed; World Cup wagers were streamed with the professionalism and fairness that only Betway Casino can deliver. No doubt there were huge upsets and unexpected jackpots from this year's World Cup (Germany vs. Brazil is only one example), but Betway helped make the wagers easy and carefree.

As in past years, once World Cup is over, participating in the most realistic traditional and modern games will continue with this casino. In the past, there has never been a delay in deposit transfers of any major currency and bank card type. This is extremely advantageous to people who have accounts in several different countries. Personal player ID's and account codes are secured with the ultimate casino software encoding. Playing casino games with Betway is proven to be almost more secure than opening accounts with many banks. The interaction is certainly more rewarding.

Every season, Betway Casino opens it online play with a barrage of player incentives. Just opening an account for play results in an immediate profit. This season, Betway is offering deposit-match bonuses for first, second and third deposits. The matching bonuses aren't chicken feed either. First deposits made toward play on a Betway game is automatically matched up to C$250. The same happens for a second deposit. A second deposit is a sign that the gaming is going “really well.” Third deposits for loyalty are rewarded with match play up to the amount of C$500. In this single season alone, loyal Betway members can earn C$1,000 in match play. By any standard, this is the generous reward offering of an online casino that knows it is operating at the top of its class.

18+ only,

Another welcomed facet of Betway is the company's desire to have a very public presence. Most online casinos want to operate virtually “in the dark” when it comes to PR. Betway has a board of directors, regional management team, and customer service center that makes online gaming a pleasure. Don't think for a second that questions about a gaming experience won't happen. They do! Fortunately, loyal gamers and account holders are treated like royalty when they ask about anything from how to deposit funds, to learning the intricate strategies of a traditional virtual card game.

Betway seems to exist for the purpose of bringing a life-like casino experience to anyone online. There modes of operation and banking are slicker than the best neighborhood banks, and games are more engaging than a real high-stakes Vegas table. The best part is, Betway can be enjoyed from the convenience and security of home!